Claire (天一)Sun is a Chinese interdisciplinary visual artist who grew up in the United Kingdom and is currently living and working in Seattle and Los Angeles.  Sun has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions in China and the US, notable ones include shows at Henan University, Kaifeng City Culture Exhibition Hall, Linda Hodges Gallery (BLUR) and The Alice Art Gallery.

Originating from a multicultural background Sun's experiences show through her paintings, they are characterized by perceptual expression as her language of creation. The works express ample emotions in a strong expressive language, seemingly free and abstract, inadvertently revealing her ideas within. The cultural elements of the East and West combined with their style of artistic expression have influenced Sun’s paintings, which are evident in their structure, tonality, and her transformation of space.

Sun merges concrete subjects and symbols that could embody specific memories, cultural signs and moments in time, alongside what could be termed abstract elements. Combined they aim to pursue the traversal of history and culture, revealing their traces of existence under a contemporary atmosphere.  A fragment is created, with a context of itself, in all its fragility, allowing the audience to freely interpret and make their own associations, but with some limitation obstructing their course. A broken, but multifaceted image, that transforms artistic expression into an imprint of cultural attention that’s unique to each viewer.